Do I have to pay extra for shipping?

If you shop for over ₹500/- on our website, shipping is absolutely FREE! :) So you could shop for as little as just two face masks and we will not charge you anything extra for shipping (This is limited to orders within India). However, if you shop for less than ₹500/- for example you buy one single face mask, in that case a small shipping fee of ₹50/- will have to be paid by you at check out for the same.

Are your summer night / loungewear made of cotton?

Yes, we only use 100% (pure) cotton in the making of our summer nightwear. They’re amazing on the skin and a real delight to wear, specially in the heat. What’s more? We only use the prettiest Jaipuri hand block prints :)

Do you use elastic in your pyjamas?

No, we only do drawcords for our pyjamas, so that women of all sizes feel comfortable wearing them and so one can simply adjust the cords as per their comfort and needs.

I am short, the Kaftan / pyjama will be long for me. Do you customise or do alterations ?

We have a standard design. We do not customise or make alterations. We do request you to please refer to the size chart before making a purchase.

How long will my order take to reach?

We try our best to ship Orders with in 2-4 business days of the date of placing of the order and do try and complete delivery at the earliest unless there are special circumstances, for example - the Covid crisis. For more details, please read the shipping section at the bottom of our website.

Can I buy just the kurta alone without the pyajama or vice versa?

We only sell nightsuits as a set consisting of both a Kurta and a Pyjama. So no, we don’t make just kurtas alone for sale yet. However, we do plan to make them in the future.

Do the nightsuits have pockets?

Yes! There is a pocket on both sides of the kurta in the nightsuit sets. Which you can use for your hands, mobile, keys or wallet. Making our nightsuits just perfect for all the multitasking women out there.

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